katerinaart (katerinaart) wrote,

Calendar Giveaway !! Gift of love

It's giveaway time!!! ✨✨✨🎄❄️❄️My giveaway for the Gift of Love Art show 🎄❄️❄️💗🎄
One 7x11 Calendar Of your choice ( 7 x 5.5" high (closed) and 7" wide x 11" high open)
I have two 2018 calendars one of my Fantasy Art and one with my Animal Art
Winner gets to choose which calendar they prefer ! This giveaway is being hosted at my facebook group link ---> https://www.facebook.com/groups/224558041308853/?multi_permalinks=380458965718759¬if_id=1512145479591170¬if_t=like
you can also get link from my bio /website link / if you like to enter join the group more giveaway from other artists will be posted,winner will be picked first week of January 2018!! Thank you 🎄🎄✨💗🎅🏼Merry Christmas happy holidays ✨✨
Tags: calendar2018 fantasyart animalart kateri, calendargiveaway, freegiveaway

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